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Tanya has always had a love for animals from a young age. Before being able to have her own dog to train, she began riding and training horses. In 2011, she adopted a dog who came with a multitude of behavior problems, it was at this point she became interested in training dogs professionally. Since then, she has spent many years working with different dogs and trainers in a variety of situations, including teaching group classes, fostering rescue dogs, and rehabilitating dogs needing a forever home.

Tanya completed a Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor Career Diploma course in 2015 and holds a Pet Health Academy CPR and First Aid certificate. As a professional, Tanya is committed to ongoing education and professional development. Attending several seminars and webinars each year keeps her up to date on current industry information and training techniques. Tanya has trained my own dogs in many sports including Obedience, Rally, Confirmation, Nose Work, Agility, Tracking and Tricks.

Tanya is devoted to providing the most effective, suitable solutions to my client’s dog training needs. By combining a unique skill set, she is able to offer a non-judgmental, positive approach to every training situation. Tanya truly enjoys seeing people build trusting, cooperative relationships with their dogs in a fun, respectful way.

Tanya: About
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