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Scent Detection Workshop


February 25 & 26, 2023
Noble Canyon K9 Training Facility

Are you interested in doing scent detection with your dog?

Does your dog have odour recognition and you want to improve and grow their searching ability?

Scent detection is a great way to interact with your dog while using their natural abilities. 

Each dog will get 3 working runs per day. Handlers will be able to watch all other participants in their level and ask questions along the way. You will be able to watch, and participate with your dog to learn many new skills, or build on skills you have already developed.

Only one dog trains at a time, and all dogs are welcome. 


Training Spot - $250/dog

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Intro to Scent Detection

Not offered at the Workshop. 

New Classes to be posted soon! 
Starting March 2023. 

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Intermediate & Advanced

AM- 9:00AM-12:00PM


6 working spots available

This level is designed for anyone who has done scent detection with their dog before and are ready for the next steps.

Whether you have self taught online, learnt from another trainer, or taken our Level 1 this workshop will give you the skills to improve your searching and take it to the next level. 

We will help each dog and handler trouble shoot any problems as we increase the intensity of searches. We will introduce your dog to searching containers, objects and furniture. Your dog will also begin to learn how to locate multiple hides, and avoid food distractions. 

LEVEL 2 Topics Covered

  • Containers

  • Blind hides, confidence and "false alerts"

  • Furniture searches 

  • Multiple hides

  • Food distractors

  • Strategies to improve indication

  • Creating odour obedience

  • Troubleshooting


Level 1 Scent Detection or equivalent foundation of ANY sport detection essential oil, scent recognition. Dog must have the basics of odour recognition. 

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About the Trainer

Doggone Smart Nosework

Rich from Doggone Smart Nosework will be joining me in Vernon for a 2 day scent detection workshop.
Rich is a retired Vancouver Police officer who spent 7 years of his career as a Narcotic detection dog handler with the VPD Dog Squad and another 3 years managing Vancouver’s Urban Search and Rescue K9 team.

Scent Workshops: About
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